Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Phone Call!

On Saturday night I hung around as close to the phone as I could without looking suspicious! No one knew what I was up to yet. For a while I thought the call wouldn't come. Then it rang and I leapt on ther receivier. The lady on the other end had her horses at a show and happily took me through all the horse's good points, including giving me her name, Ella. She'd been started and was in regular work, and had hacked. No she wasn't spooky for a youngster. No traffic wasn't a problem. She was settled well at the show. She was very sweet and so on.There really was little reason NOT to go take a look... and before I knew it that's what I was doing. The viewing was booked! When I hung up I couldn't believe what I'd done, but I was so excited!

Meanwhile, Ella herself was at the show at Aintree racecourse, taking in her surroundings...

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